The Japanese automaker has ceased to offer a further eight models at home in Japan because of the ongoing fuel economy scandal and the pause could last several weeks.

Mitsubishi Motors now has to cease the delivery of another eight models because it overstated fuel economy – a new mandate from the country’s Ministry of Transport has targeted the Outlander, Mirage, Delica D:5, Pajero, RVR, and versions of the i-MiEV. The models have a deviation of 4.2 percent on average and the automaker has now promised to also compensate affected owners. The stop sale could go on for weeks as Mitsubishi needs to re-test the models and deliver the new figures to the Japanese Ministry of Transport.

The “apologies” to the vehicle owners will include payments of 30,000 ($291), 60,000 ($582), or 100,000 yen ($970), varying by model. The company expects the total costs in relation to this part of the scandal to reach 7 billion yen ($68 million). Mitsubishi has been plagued by a fuel economy scandal in Japan since April after Nissan – its partner for kei-class micro cars – discovered inconsistencies in the emission of the vehicles. An ensuing investigation found improper testing methods had been in use since 2002, and later on discovered they dated back to 1991. The scandal took a huge financial tool – a $1.4-billion loss – and stock dropped 43 percent. Now Nissan has taken advantage and has a 34 percent stake – making it the largest shareholder.



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