Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition #0001 is selling for $88,888 image

Not long ago we had the ungrateful job of telling you the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution will be no more – and now we’re in an even uglier position, telling you about some cash-grab dealer monkeys.

Profit-nabbing is the ugly side of the business, and the dealership selling the Lancer Evolution Final Edition #0001 is currently asking no less than $88, 888 – which is about double the size of the purse they used to acquire the car. The Final Edition of the high performance car is the swan song of the model, which is said to never come back to life – at least not in this form. The last series of the model was built in a limited series of 1,600 examples and the very first car was offered on eBay last year, with the final asking price of $46,200, the proceeds having been directed to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Brooklyn Mitsubishi took home the example and it’s now aiming to maximize its profits at the expense of the fans, with an almost double listing price of $88,888. This asking price is way above the $37,995 MSRP set by Mitsubishi Motors North America when they introduced the 1,600 example series. We’re not really counting on someone actually going for the price, but since we’ve seen things such as the Porsche 911 R which retailed for almost 200k going for $1.25 million on eBay we can say anything’s possible.