Mitsubishi Mirage Hello Kitty Limited Edition announced image

The Japanese based automaker Mitsubishi has recently announced its plans to introduce a limited edition of the Mirage, on its local auto market, named the Hello Kitty.

Japan has some of the best automaker in the world and this is the country that gave us cars like the Supra, the Skyline, the GT-R, the LFA and the STI, but this is also the home of Hello Kitty and even if we tried to ignore this, we simply can’t do it anymore because there is a new special edition of the Mirage out. The Mitsubishi Mirage in question is named the Hello Kitty Limited Edition and, just like its name suggests, it’s a limited edition with Hello Kitty graphics.

The model is finished in a bright pink shade and it has received the Hello Kitty graphics with the occasion of the character’s 40th anniversary. The Mitsubishi Mirage Hello Kitty Special Edition has the cartoons’ decals on its exterior design, along with some special hubcaps and a unique upholstery in the cabin. There is even a Hello Kitty pillow inside, which will make you look very manly, especially if your name is Elton John or Nicki Minaj, which is basically the same. Prices for the model will be set at 116,970 YEN or approximately 12,000 USD.