Mitsubishi teases new small crossover MPV concept ahead of Indonesian premiere image

The Japanese automaker has recently announced it will introduce a new “small crossover MPV” during the upcoming Indonesian Auto Show.

We were a bit confused as to what is actually new about this prototype, because as far as we can tell from the associated image we’re unable to distinguish it from the the confusion is gaining new grounds because both prototypes are clad in the same striking yellow paint scheme. It looks like Mitsubishi is feeling the brunt of the fuel economy scheme scandal, with the Japanese company loosing lots of money and getting interested bidders for its assets. This could yield little R&D money and as such the teams could be left scrapping the floor for new concepts and vehicles to introduce.

Anyways, the two concepts do seem to differ at least a little bit. The Indonesia-bound prototype also has a set of roof rails and the wheel arches look a tad modified. We may also be wrong, but we think we’re seeing the taillights extending up on the pillar. The side cameras that are increasingly common in the world of concepts also seem to have been repositioned and since we’re dealing with a dark image there could be more changes in those invisible areas. While being a small crossover/MPV – just like the eX concept – the carmaker says the cabin is roomy enough to host up to seven persons. It won’t be a surprise if the yet to be detailed powertrain includes AWD and a pure electric setup just like the eX.