The Japanese based automaker Mitsubishi has recently released a teaser image with a new model, ahead of its official Geneva Motor Show debut in March.

Mitsubishi is getting ready for the 2012 Geneva Motor Show and it’s playing on the same level as its competitors. With the automotive events in Detroit, Tokyo, New Delhi or Brussels being over or going on as we speak, the Japanese car manufacturer is getting ready for the Geneva Motor Show in March, by teasing a new model for the event. Even if the new Mitsubishi model doesn’t have a name yet for us and not details have been officially announced about it, this is actually a production version.

“For the first time, Mitsubishi Motor Corporation (MMC) has decided to select the most demanding European market as global launch pad for an all-new vehicle. Next March, the Geneva Motor Show will see the world premiere of a strategic and innovative premium vehicle, to be retailed sequentially during 2012 – a car of substance that will reflect a gradual transformation in Mitsubishi’s design language”, as the automaker says in its official press release.

The automaker has chosen quite a daring way to tease its upcoming model ahead of its official debut and the image presented above is showing the whole front fascia, with the headlights, front grille, engine hood, part of the fender and the bumper, but even so, this model could be just about anything.


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