Mitsubishi Motors announces that it has stopped the shipment of its electric cars named i-MiEV to PSA Peugeot Citroen in France for time being.

This is a temporary halt which the company says will resume soon. As of now, the manufacturer has stopped the deliveries of i-MiEV electric vehicles which are branded as iOn Peugeot and Citroen C-Zero in the European market. Since two years, the two companies have tied up together for the supply deal.

The Japanese automaker Mitsubishi has also confirmed that this temporary halt is for adjusting the inventory stocks. The automaker has shipped 100,000 vehicles since 2010 under the same agreement, making it among the first commercially produced EVs in the world. Due to the confidentiality clause in this agreement, Mitsubishi restricted stating how many electric vehicles had been shipped to Peugeot until now.

However, the automaker did say that it has produced a total of 28,000 i-MiEVs since 2009 for the Japanese market. These electric vehicles cover a distance of about 160 kilometres or 100 miles after getting full power on its lithium-ion battery. Apart from this agreement, Mitsubishi has also made other deals with Peugeot that includes the supply of 4×4 vehicles that are sold under the brand Peugeot.


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