Mitsubishi to make Lancer Evolution Hybrid image

The Japanese based automaker Mitsubishi is giving the green light to a Lancer Evolution Hybrid and even if those words are not normally used in the same sentence it seems that the model will be powered by both a gasoline engine and an electric motor.

According to, the Mitsubishi president Osamu Masuko has announced that the Lancer Evolution Hybrid will enter everyone’s attention next year and the new model will go on sale within three years.

“We will start work on the project next year and it will be ready within three. I have set the goal of developing a sporting car featuring electric power”, as the Japanese official told

Even if the gasoline engine combined with the electric motor is most likely to be used on the new Lancer Evolution Hybrid, Mitsubishi is considering using a diesel powerplant in order to keep fuel consumption and CO2 emissions below 200 g/km, while accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in less than five seconds.

Autocar is also saying that the new Lancer Evolution Hybrid will use the S-AWC four-wheel drive system which integrates braking, steering and traction control.

Sadly we don’t have more details on the new Lancer Evolution Hybrid but it seems that the model will hit the showrooms within three years, with a possible world debut during an international motor show one year before its official launch.