Mitsubishi’s chief executive officer Osamu Masuko has recently commented on the company’s latest plans and he detailed important bits about the future range of vehicles to be delivered by the company.

While interviewed by Automotive News, Masuko has confirmed the recent reports that Mitsubishi is working hard to land three new crossover sport utility vehicles in the United States, one of its most important markets, in the upcoming half decade. Further insights have not been obtained so far from the executive, other than the fact that Masuko saying the first crossover SUV would be delivered no earlier than the fall of 2017. The all new model would be a crossover coupe in the style of the BMW X4, slated to enter the lineup of the Japanese automaker between the Outlander and Outlander Sport (ASX in other markets). As the subject came up, the latter two would see the introduction of the refreshed Outlander sometime after 2017 – which means the first part of 2018 usually – while the all new Outlander Sport shouldn’t be expected before 2019.

All three vehicles would employ petrol engines and the smaller Outlander Sport would also feature an electric powertrain. Meanwhile, the Outlander and crossover coupe would deploy plug-in hybrid versions as well. Rehashing the company’s strategy on SUVs and crossovers means the automaker will scale back its plans to devote resources to the passenger car lineup, with the executive adding that it needs an alliance to be able to deliver replacements to the Lancer and Galant series.

Via Automotive News


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