Mobius Motors to launch $6,000 SUV in Africa image

The Kenyan based automaker Mobius Motors is planning to develop a new SUV, which will cost just 6, 000 USD and it will be launched in Africa.

The low-cost companies with their cheap cars haven’t been so successful over the last years and if you don’t believe me, look for sales reports of Tata Motors who, with their Nano model, which is the cheapest car in the world, didn’t manage to attract a large crowd to their lineup. Even if Tata Motors is the best example that a cheap vehicle doesn’t necessarily have to sell, Mobius Motors, is planning a new low-cost SUV to give Africans a shot of changing their lives.

According to the Kenyan car company, Mobius Motors is planning to build an SUV able to ride even the most inhospitable roads on the continent which will cost just 6,000 SUD. Mobius Motors will have to sacrifice a lot of features on the new SUV in order to launch it with the impressive price mentioned above like glass side windows, air conditioning and many more. Under the hood of the upcoming Mobius Motors SUV a 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine made by Toyota is expected to be found, which will be able to haul 1,100 pounds of cargo. The Mobius low-cost SUV should be launched in Africa sometimes this year.

  • Steve

    And this will be my first car….Kenyan for Kenya!!!! Keep it up least i will not have to buy some old second hand vehicle in the name of class!!!