Sep.7 (GMM/ Monza’s future on the F1 calendar appeared no clearer on Sunday, despite the attendance of the Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi.

Renzi, Italy’s new 40-year-old PM, arrived at the fabled Autodromo and quickly entered Bernie Ecclestone’s motor home, La Gazzetta dello Sport said.

The 10-minute meeting took place before the usual incredible podium scenes, in which an emotional Sebastian Vettel appeared in red colours for the first time.

“If we take this (race) away for any shit*y money reasons I think you are basically ripping our hearts out,” was the German’s message to Ecclestone.

But eyes are now being cast at the politicians, as the race organisers struggle to put together the money to meet Ecclestone’s EUR 25 million per year race fee.

Gazzetta said that when reporters asked Renzi on Sunday “Will you save Monza?”, he did not respond.

But Monza mayor Roberto Scanagatti said: “The prime minister has committed to Monza. His presence here is testimony that the government has an interest in the grand prix remaining here.”