Mopar reveals original accessories for the 2013 SRT Viper image

Mopar has revealed an extensive list of original accessories for the 2013 SRT Viper.

Performance and visual accessories are on offer, allowing owners to personalize their sportscar to suit their tastes. Carbon fiber is a material that constantly appears throughout the list. The handmade, 30-layer carbon-fiber x-brace that replaces the stock aluminum unit ($3175), or the carbon fiber engine covers ($880) are the most important.

A lot of attention has been dedicated to Viper’s exhausts, with Mopar offering a $668 performance cat-back exhaust system, or a full-on racing exhaust system that drops pressure to straight-pipe levels ($1005). There’s also a performance header kit, with dual 5-into-1 collectors and a 1.75-inch final pipe diameter ($3495).

Upgrades for the brakes, suspension and safety systems are also on offer. Braking is improved with StopTech slotted lightweight rotors that combine with the stock car’s Brembo calipers to reduce unsprung weight and brake fade ($1445 for either fronts or rears, $2890 for all four). There’s also a three-way-adjustable coilover suspension kit ($5995) that is supposed to sit between street and full-on race systems in comfort and control. Mopar also offers a set of six-point racing harnesses for those who want to feel like in a race car.

Design upgrades are plenty, with door sill guards with the Viper logo ($205), a billet aluminum/carbon fiber or black leather and chrome shift knob ($163 for billet, $158 for leather) and aluminum alloy pedals with the Viper logo and a dead pedal with the Stryker logo ($255) to name but a few.