More about the 2012 Nissan GT-R image

We have more information’s about the 2012 Nissan GT-R. And looks like the changes are not few. Improvements to the GT-R are far more substantial than expected.

The Japanese manufacturer runs so deep that the upcoming GT-R is no longer the CBA-R35. Instead, it is now the DBA-R35!

Most important chassis revisions are the changes to the reinforcement on the front end of the car. The front suspension strut towers have been structurally strengthened with aluminum and carbon materials.
According to Nissan, these modifications will improve the accuracy and directness of the 2012 GT-R.


We have also a revised suspension – 2012 GT-R will use a new set of dampers and pring rates, but also the sporty car will come with a revised geometry – more exactly a new leverage ratio. According to Nissan, the new design will help GT-R to get a more efficiency of the shock absorbers and stabilizer.
Talking about breaks, we have a 10mm increase over the old front rotors – so the 2012 GT-R will have 390mm front rotors! Nissan has also claimed to tweak the engagement and distribution characteristics of ABS and VDC.


Talking about the power and the engine, Nissan said that the new PS would begin with a 5! So we are talking about > 500 ps ! Also, Nissan says that torque output will be “significantly” improved.


More of the changes for 2012 Nissan GT-R
• Chassis reinforcement under the dashboard
• Chassis reinforcement in the strut towers
• New spring rates and dampers
• 390mm brake rotors, up 10mm from the CBA-R35
• ABS and VDC upgrades
• Engine power over 500+hp
• New lighter wheels + tires
• Launch control 4 (4,000 rpm)
• 2 wheel drive mode
• Rear diffuser changes
• Seat redesign