More and More Buyers Skip the Test Drive When Buying a Car image

In the era of technology, 11.4% new car buyers don’t take test drives, relying only on the internet sites.

Maritz Research has made a survey on 80,219 buyers of model year 2012 vehicles and showed that 8 in 10 declared they researched their purchase on the internet, therefore 11.4% did not take a test drive. One of the people surveyed was a marketing manager in Indianapolis, Andy Thedjoprasetyono, who bought four years ago a new 2008 Honda Fit without taking a test drive. He said that before entering the showroom he has thoroughly researched information about the car on the internet on and but also on Motor Trend and Car & Driver magazines. The reason is that he simply hates dealing with salesmen.

“I just find it quite fascinating and a little baffling,” said Chris Travell, vice president of strategic consulting for Maritz Research, which conducted the survey. “As cliché as perhaps it sounds, there’s that new-car smell that needs to be experienced firsthand and cannot be experienced over the Internet.”

He added that the reason is not only that customers are influenced by the Internet, but also that many of them are not so interested in cars and just want the buying process to end faster.