More Common Components and Lower Manufacturing Costs for Toyota image

Toyota Motor Corp. plans to lower manufacturing costs by at least 20% by increasing the use of common vehicle platforms and parts across a wide range of models.

To achieve its goal the company will develop three platforms for the Vitz-class subcompact, Corolla-class compact and Camry-class midsize automobiles. So about 50% of the car will be made by using production of the three platforms, Toyota’s goal being to reduce development time and increase the use of common components, especially components related to driving performance and fuel economy.

Vehicle development has often been carried out differently for various models and regions, and so the number of parts the company directly purchases from suppliers is about 4,000-5,000, but it believes that about half of them can be standardized and shared among different models.

Besides this, the fact that the company increases the number of common platforms, means that this will cut the number of engineers and reduce the necessary time to develop a vehicle, raising the company’s development efficiency by about 30% by the end of this year.

Toyota will lower manufacturing costs, hoping to increase sales in emerging countries and build a development system that can face competition in industrialized countries.