The German regulators want to carry out more emissions tests in the near future, planning to “surprise” the automakers with unannounced checks.

The emissions scandal triggered by Volkswagen has shaken the automotive industry to the core, as well as the customers’ trust in automakers. In an attempt to reestablish the confidence and to prevent such manipulations from ever happening in the future, Germany plans to carry out random tests on all carmakers, Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt said on Sunday. “There will be controls on vehicles in the style of doping tests for athletes,” he told the German newspaper Bild. “Unannounced and every year.” One of the test methods would be to perform them on models picked from rental companies, the paper revealed. And to make sure of the transparency of this approach, the specialists designated to carry out the “surprise” tests would be rotated. The proposal for the new measures is to be presented tomorrow to the German parliament, according to Bild.

The local media reported last month that Volkswagen diesel cars would go through a second set of emissions tests once the automaker has installed the fixes for the affected engines. In order for the entire process to be transparent, tests results including raw data would be published, a spokesman for Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt said to the daily newspaper Die Welt.

The government’s agenda for Thursday also include talks for a plan to boost the electric cars sales in the country. Germany has an optimistic target in this direction, planning to see around 1 million electric cars on German streets by 2020, wanting to assign about 2 billion euros (2.2 billion dollars) in incentives to support this target.

Via Reuters


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