More hydrogen stations start to show up in California image

In its efforts to persuade customers to go green, True Zero has started to fit hydrogen refueling stations throughout California.

The California-based brand is owned by the startup FirstElement Fuel, a company led by Joel Ewanick, a former marketing specialist who worked for General Motors and Hyundai. And True Zero has committed to provide the much needed fueling infrastructure for the hydrogen-powered cars, so that Californian buyers do not have an excuse anymore not to go green. The initial plan was to build 19 such stations by 2015, but many technical and legal hurdles have hampered its efforts a bit. “These issues happen,” Ewanick told Automotive News. “If we were opening a Starbucks we’d still have issues.” Nevertheless, the first 15 True Zero stations have been brought online by the end of April, while some additional four are expected to be operational by the end of this year.

The projects have been funded in large part by a 27.6-million-dollar grant from the California Energy Commission and also with help from the South Coast Bay Area Air Quality Management Districts, as well as by partnerships with Toyota and Honda, the first automakers which launched fuel-cell electric vehicles for the mass-market. Both companies have contributed with 13.8 million dollars. So far, there are 210 Mirai fuel-cell sedans and around 100 hydrogen-powered Hyundai Tucson SUVs on Californian roads, while Honda is getting ready to start the sales of the second-generation Clarity later this year.

Via Automotive News