Sportier VW Golf MK7 image

The 2013 MK7 Golf, from the German car manufacturer Volkswagen, will have a more sleeker design.

The German automaker is promising a sportier generation of the famous Golf, with a steeper windshield, wider track and a lower roof-line than the model currently in production.

On the inside, the Golf Mk7 will benefit from a new instrument panel and center console, which will be more angled towards the driver’s seat, the design copying sport cars.

According to the manufacturer, the Golf Plus variant will follow the lines of the Ford C-Max, being a more competitive 5-seater people carrier.

Engines available for the next generation of Golf model aren’t currently known but we are looking forward into the top of the line specifications, which theoretically should be more powerful than the MK6.

The new Volkswagen Golf MK7 is expected for launch in mid 2012, with a possible official presentation before during a major European auto show.

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