More than 1.8 million vehicles recalled in 2011 in China image

82 recalls have been made this year in China, totaling more than 1.8 million vehicles, according to the Securities Times.

Of the total number, over 1 million cars were recalled by Guangqi Honda. 38 recall actions targeted Chinese-made automobiles, most of them produced by foreign joint ventures, while 44 recalls were for imported models.

The recall actions are fewer than in 2010, when 60 recalls were issued for Chinese-made cars, while 63 recalls were for imported models. However, the number of vehicles recalled in 2011 was bigger: 1.7 million Chinese-made cars compared to 1 million in 2010. As for the imported models, 170,000 units were recalled in 2010, compared with 110,000 units this year.

The manufacturers’ list of recalls is dominated by Guangqi Honda (1.14 million units), Shanghai GM (246,468), Chang’an Ford Mazda (88,082), Beijing Hyundai (72,868) and Dongfeng PSA (63,491). The most important recall action targeted the Honda Accord, Odyssey and Spirior with more than 750,000 units. The problem was a drive train defect that set the record for the single largest recall ever made in China.
Of all vehicles recalled in 2011, over 90 percent were serviced properly.