The 63rd International Motor Show (IAA) for private cars has got off to a flying start – that was the verdict of some 13,000 accredited journalists from 94 countries who attended the press days (15-16/09/2009) of the word’s most important trade show for cars. Since the show opened, a total of 324,300 visitors have been counted through the turnstiles. In view of the difficult economic climate, this is a gratifying result, which underlines the attraction of the IAA with its 100 global launches of new models. Compared with the IAA’s record year in 2007, this is a drop of only 16 per cent in visitor numbers. Thus the shortfall against 2007 is significantly smaller than originally expected. On the two days open to the general public (Saturday and Sunday) the decline from the comparable figures for the previous IAA was only 13 per cent. With ideal motor-show weather, the IAA’s exhibition halls and external areas were very busy.


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