Morgan Motor Replaces Charles Morgan as Managing Director image

Morgan Motor board members decided to replace Charles Morgan as the managing director of the company.

Charles Morgan will be replaced by Steve Morris, who previously served as the operations director at Morgan.

“Charles Morgan will concentrate on his vital role as the face of Morgan internationally, promoting the brand and selling the company’s products worldwide,” said a Morgan spokesperson. “It gives Charles the time to do what he needs to do on an international level, and it felt like a natural progression for Steve.”

The company’s board management emphasized the fact that the change did not come due to a lack of satisfaction with Charles Morgan as it was rumored, instead it was totally amicable.

Morgan Motor Company was founded in 1910 in England by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan, becoming the first true sports car automaker and the oldest auto companies to be run by a single family. The automaker still manufactures vehicles one at a time and by hand, at its Malvern plant, England. Morgan vehicles are built with wood body frames and hand-cut aluminum panels, keeping the 1912 vintage look.