The market for high-end luxury SUVs and crossovers is in high demand in recent years, so according to a study made by financial firm Morgan Stanley, the new Model X electric crossover could be “ready to feast.” So far this year US sales of sedans have been surpassed by the SUV/crossover segment, which means the road is set for Tesla’s second major model line.

Although no one at Morgan Stanley had the chance to drive the model, which was delayed and will only reach dealers’ showrooms at the beginning of 2015, the mood at the company regarding the battery operated vehicle could only be described as “bullish.”

The Model X will “sweep every Car of the Year award on offer by the automotive media,” says Morgan Stanley.

According to the research report, the Model X is not only destined to surpass sales of the Model S sedan by 2016, but later on also dominate the overall luxury SUV/CUV segment, as well. The model takes familiar cues from the Model S sedan, including the now familiar Tesla grille and logo, but also relies on unique and spectacular design ideas. One such example are the so-called “falcon doors” –very similar to the already fashionable gullwing doors – they are particularly hinged as to permit their usage in modest-sized garages.

No word on the powertrain has perspired from Tesla yet, but it’s actually safe to assume the underlying base of the Model S sedan would be carried over – together with the latest advances in lithium-ion battery chemistry. That would probably allow the heavier model to retain the battery range of around 300 miles for the 85 kilowatt-hour battery pack.


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