Mixing alcohol and driving isn’t a great idea as the least you’re getting is a driver license suspension – but this is no impediment for the well known Morgan Motor Company.

The 108-year-old British automaker has decided to find a way to combine these “world apart” situations, by entering an alliance with a brewery in its hometown of Malvern Link, England, to create officially licensed ales inspired by the brand’s well known vehicles. So, there a collection of three Morgan Ales readily available inside the carmaker’s factory store for 15 pounds – and the company will also be using them for future events. The Friday Beer Company’s creations have been inspired by the vehicles – so expect something classic with touches of modern age. The Morgan 4/4 Blonde Ale comes with a sanctioned 4.4 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) – combining malted barley, oats and wheat for flavor notes of pineapple, blackcurrant, and toast.

Morgan starts selling… old beer 2

Morgan 3 Wheeler Dark Mild Ale is slightly dark but not that strong – 3 percent ABV to reference the fact that we’re dealing with a trike – so the low alcohol content might actually make it usable in places where legislation allows you to take a sip before driving. Then there’s the Morgan Aero 8 Rye Ale with its classic British bitter style, with the rye malt in the mix adding extra spicy credentials. It has a 4.8 percent ABV to link to the car’s 4.8-liter V8.


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