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What does casino gaming have to do with motor racing, or auto racing, as it is called in some parts of the world? While it may seem at first glance that there is no relationship at all between these two pursuits, a closer examination may yield a few interesting similarities.

Motor Racing Similarities: Knowing When to Stop

In motor racing, a key strategic question is when to pit. Do you push your car for another lap, hoping to open up a big lead, but risking a car breakdown, or do you pit early, get it out of the way, and play catch-up? Similarly, in casino gaming such as online slot machines, itís tough to know when to quit. Should you push your win, trying to earn as much as you can, but risking losing it all, or should you book a healthy win and walk away, knowing that your streak might not have been over and you might have left money on the table?

Motor Racing Similarities: Element of Risk

Both casino gaming and motor racing involve risk. Of course, the danger in motor racing is physical, while in casino gaming it is financial, but the fact remains, both activities require you taking a chance on being hurt in some way in order to achieve glory, and both provide a thrill for this very reason.

Motor Racing: Notes on Similarities

The fact that there are similarities between these two pursuits does not suggest in any way that if you enjoy online casino you should run out and get yourself a Formula 1 racer, or that if you are a skilled motor racer that you will be successful at casino gambling. Although there are some common themes, these two activities require a widely different array of skills, and the penalties for failure are very different as well. Some people may not mind getting a few bumps and bruises but turn pale at the thought of having a zero balance in their bank account. Others have no problem putting their last dime on the table but shrink at the mere suggestion of physical injury. Each person must decide which pursuit is right for them.