MTM’s Audi A1 taken to 324 km/h image

The German MTM tuner managed to take a small A1 Audi to a staggering 324 km/h speed.

You love speed and you can’t afford a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Dodge Viper? No problem, buy an Audi A1 and give it to MTM for a “minor” modification and you will be able to go where no other hatch has went before: beyond the 320 km/h barrier.

Even though small segment cars don’t come in front when it comes to record speeds, this tradition is starting to fall apart, fact proven by the MTM German tuner which took the A1 model to the 323.67 km/h top speed on the Italian Nardo circuit.

In order to catch this fabulous speed, the small hatch was equipped with a 500 HP engine that develops 600 Nm of torque, with the power being sent to the front wheels thru a six-speed manual transmission.

What is most interesting about the A1 modified by MTM is that its aerodynamics remained exactly the same. We don’t know how much the investment in the small Audi was but we can almost be sure that it probably rivals with the new GT-R.