MTM Tunes the Audi RS5 image

German tuning company, MTM, unveiled today it’s tuning pack for the latest Audi RS5. MTM Audi Rs5 will accelerate up to 303 km/h, thanks to MTM V-Cantronic.

The V-Cantronic removes the factory speed limiter of 250 or 280 km/h to 303 km/h. The owners who wait four more hours will be rewarded by a double flood stainless steel exhaust system and the most famous side will be designed definitely sportier and more individual: the rear of the 450 HP sportscar, that Audi started to deliver the last days.


The costs: 1.499 Euros. The stainless steel exhaust system proposed by MTM is with throttle valves and offers not only a good looking rear view with black end pipes (ceramic coating with MTM writing), but also a new sound. The costs: starting at 2.998 Euros.?An individually adjustable spring-kit is in development.


Typically MTM: the nine –spokes Bimoto rims, which are available in 19”, 20” and 21” for the RS5. The 20” Bimoto forged is a special quality . On top of that, MTM advises a MTM spacers-kit, which widens about 20mm. Price for the MTM rims set and tyres start from 2.249 Euros (19”).