MTV partners with Tata Nano for India’s first ‘social road trip’ image

To celebrate its over 1 million fan base on Facebook, Tata, the maker of Nano vehicles announced the launch of India’s first ‘social road trip’, called Nano Drive with MTV.

More precisely, the company plans to create a unique driving experience and will leverage the online medium to treat travel enthusiasts with a 20-day, over-2,000-km, exciting drive.

Each team will comprise four members and these teams will be allocated four different routes to be covered in 20 days. The teams will need to overcome obstacles, tasks and move up the ladder.
Social media will play a vital role in this unique road trip as viewers will get a chance to vote for their favourite teams online. While the winning team will be awarded with four Tata Nanos, the most ardent fan also gets the chance to win a Tata Nano.

In addition, the company has now begun a much-needed advertising campaign, after relying for too long on the initial media hype surrounding the launch of the Nano.

“They’ve started advertising in tier-two cities on TV and in print, and that seems to be paying off. [They are highlighting] the air-condidtioning, and other positive things about the car.

Perhaps they should have focused on all this in the initial stages as well.”

Sales of Tata Nano fell by 20% during April and the company sold only 8,028 units as compared to 10,012 units in April 2011.