Mugen and Honda heading with 5 models to the Tokyo tuning show image

Honda’s long tuning partner Mugen will bring a quintet of modified cars, from roadsters to minivans, at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

As we come closer to the Tokyo Auto Salon opening, more Japanese automakers are revealing their planned showcase line-ups for the tuning show. Honda is relying on a collection of roadsters, hatchbacks, minivans and crossovers to impress the audience. And no one is more suitable to prepare its models than Mugen. The longtime Honda’s performance partner was founded in 1973 by Hirotoshi Honda, the son of Honda Motor Company founder Soichiro Honda. The company tunes and races Hondas in motorsport competitions and, additionally, sells aftermarket parts to amateur enthusiasts.

At the Tokyo salon, Mugen is bringing the Civic Type R Concept which features aero and functional components that focus on aerodynamic performance and maneuverability. The tuner says it is currently developing parts for the market Civic Type R that will further improve the concept model.

S660 Mugen RA is a Honda S660 roadster prototype that was customized as a basic sports model for driving enjoyment. Moving on, the Mugen S660 is based on the “Super Little Sports” concept and has modified front, rear, and side spoilers and also aero parts including replaceable front and rear aero fenders, wings, hard top, aero bonnet, and aero engine hood.

If you are into minivans, The Mugen Step WGN Spada showcased sits on 18-inch aluminum wheels and features plated grille, new front under spoiler and panel type side garnish, rear under spoiler and sports silencer with 2 pipes on each side. Finally, the Mugen VEZEL crossover comes in a Premium Crystal Red Metallic and has a sporty body kit.