Mulally mum on Boeing and Microsoft reports image

Ford’s current CEO, Alan Mulally, would not confirm or deny media reports that he is being sought to join Boeing Co and Microsoft Corp.

Ford Motor Co Chief Executive Alan Mulally, who is 68 years old and came to Ford from Boeing after 38 years there, has led the dramatic resurgence at the U.S. automaker since his arrival in 2006. He is now the third longest serving chief executive in Ford’s history after Henry Ford I and Henry Ford II.

At the moment, his contract calls for his departure at the end of 2014. There is no change to that plan, Mulally said. Still, more and more media reports set him on track for a faster departure from the American automaker – now either as the next CEO of Microsoft or back to its beloved Boeing.

“I love serving Ford” was Mulally’s repeated comment on the sidelines of an auto conference in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, when asked if he had been approached either directly or indirectly to lead either of those companies.

Via Reuters