Mulally to stay in touch with Ford image

Although Alan Mulally is planned to step down from its chief executive position at Ford Motor Co from next month, the top executive said it would remain connected with the company after and even further advise his successor – Mark Fields.

Mulally, now 68, has been repeatedly reported as not ready to retire and enjoy the “golf course”, seeking a new challenge for his next position – though he constantly refuses to give any details or hints to where he’s heading next.

“I’m going to stay close to Ford going forward,” Mulally said in a Bloomberg interview. “Mark would like to call me and I said, ‘Absolutely, any time.’” “I’ve fallen in love with Ford, it’s a great company,” he added. “I’ll maintain many of the great relationships I have.”

The interview followed his last meeting with the company’s employees at the carmaker’s headquarters. He was officially announced last month as departing six months earlier than previously discussed in his contract to allow for the position to be taken by his planned successor – Mark Fields, 53, the company’s chief operating office chief operating officer and a 25-years veteran of the automaker.

Many sources point out that Mulally is ready to already assume another corporate position – although probably it would not have to do with the automotive sector, as Ford must have signed him on a non competing agreement. There is also widespread talk about him taking the now vacant position as head of the Department of Veterans Affairs, the fifth largest US federal agency.

Via Automotive News Europe