The technology enables the user to simply walk around and even sit inside a completely simulated vehicle – but it’s so far only available at the Munich Airport – a busy German hub.

Now you can spend some time before departure enjoying Audi’s virtual reality experience – the “myAudi Sphere” is the redesigned Audi Forum, aiming now to display the German brand’s cutting edge technology to visitors. This is also the first venue where visitors can spend some one-on-one time with the Audi Walking VR Experience. The person will use a special headset, and afterwards they can wander around a vehicle of their choice, which “miraculously” appears to be right in front of them. Then you can even go inside the cabin for an immersive experience – and Audi’s VR setup also includes headphones, meaning you can also hear the sound of the doors closing or the tunes coming from the car’s stereo systems.

There’s also an entire range of other hardware and software tools within the 700 square meter (7,535 sq ft) space, such as an exclusive shop-in-shop concept for the Audi Sport lineup, virtual demonstration tools for assistance and light systems and even a digitalized consultation suite. For VIPs there’s even the “Customer Private Lounge”, where an Audi can even be configured and then discovered on high-resolution display screens. The location of the former Audi Forum in the Munich Airport Center, located between Terminal 1 and 2, the brand has been there for guests since 1998.



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