Murcielago Replacement comes with Pushrod Suspension image

Italian automaker has announced today that the Murcielago successor, the Lamborghini V12 LP700-4 will be the debut car for the pushrod suspension.

Other special components that will come with the Murcielago Replacement are electrically powered parking brake; the 400mm carbon ceramic discs with six cylinder calipers; and the separation of wheel control and damper via an aluminum double wishbone pushrod suspension.

Back to the special suspension – Instead of being connected vertically to the wheel mounts like all the cars are, the LP700-4 suspension is very special – is mounted horizontally under the windscreen at the front, and close to the engine in the rear.


According to the automaker, this solution offers a whole series of impressive benefits: due to the combination of the double wishbone and pushrod arrangement, wheel control and damper remain separate from each other. As a result, handling is more responsive and easier to manage at all speeds, while rigid connection to the chassis also improves the precise and spontaneous reaction of the springs and dampers. As a result, spring stiffness can be notched back a little – comfort increases, while precision remains. On the front axle, the shock absorbers are equipped with a hydraulic lifting system, which enables the front end of the super sports car to be lifted by 40 millimeters at the touch of a button, simplifying its ability to negotiate minor obstacles.