And no, it’s not for the obvious reason as an abbreviation of the company name and of the famous inventor – as it also has to do with the core business of the luxury brand.

According to the co-founder and entrepreneur CEO, the Tesla logo has been penned by the same New Jersey-based RO-Studio that designed the “SpaceX” logo, the “T” on the Tesla badge is a fit for the car in more than one ways. This is because it’s a stylized depiction of the cross section of an electric motor, which is the element that powers all Tesla cars. Elon Musk was eager to share the story mere days ago on his usual social media PR venue – Twitter – when asked by a fan.

At first the “T” was used on a silver shield, but eventually Tesla decided to make it simpler and removed the defensive stance – by the way, in case you didn’t know, while the company has been called Tesla Motors for years, since last year the brand is simply Tesla. The branding will be increasingly visible on more vehicles from now on as the automaker gears up to commence production of the Model 3, with more than 400,000 pre-orders having been signed by eager early adopters – apparently orders will be honored starting the end of this year.

Via Elon Musk (Twitter)


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