Musk has high expectations from Tesla in Germany image

Even if it’s not the best selling electric car, Tesla Model S fairs well in Germany and the company keeps pushing deeper integration in the country, as it sets to open six additional 135-kW Superchargers.

In September, in Germany, the Tesla Model S (42 units) was outsold by the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive (146), Renault Zoe (57) and the world’s best-selling electric car, the Nissan Leaf (55). But, whereas the smart will probably only be outsold by the BMW i3 when it’s available, the Zoe and Leaf cost around 1/3 the price of the Model S. The deliveries will rise faster as Tesla movies additional Model S sedans into Europe and even Tesla says its focus has not been on Germany,with that aspect about to change soon.

“Tesla is going to make a significant investment in Germany,” said Musk. “This is a country that appreciates automotive engineering, which makes it extremely important to us. To have the Model S be well received as it enters the German market is a key step for Tesla.”

Reports say that Tesla’s Supercharger network in Germany will be supplemented with at least 6 (135 kW) additional sites, scheduled to become available very soon. Tesla will also offer a special high-speed “Autobahn” tune, free of charge, for Model S sedans sold in the region.