Mustang Boss 302 axed for 2014 image

The North American based automaker Ford will no longer offer the Boss 302 as part of the 2014 lineup, limiting the production run to just two years.

Bad news for fans of the current Mustang Boss 302 because the company will no longer offer the high performance version of the muscle car for the 2014 lineup, so if you’re into the model, you’d better save some money faster and report to the closest Ford dealership. The company is keeping its promise made which said that the Boss 302 will only be offered for two years.

Besides sacking the Mustang Boss 302, the car manufacturer will also drop some colors from the 2014 Mustang range, like the Red Candy Metallic, which will be replaced by the Ruby Red Metallic, the High Performance White, replaced by the Oxford White and the School Bus Yellow, which was only available for the Boss 302 models. The Exterior Appearance Package 101 A will also disappear too, but two new Appearance Packages will make their way into the lineup.

Source: Mustangs Daily