NAIAS 2015: the best and worst image

The 2015 North American International Auto Show is the perfect sign that USA’s auto industry has recovered fully from the brink of collapse that tipped both GM and Chrysler over the bankruptcy edge in 2009.

With numerous hits and spectacular introductions, the Detroit motor show even presented itself with a few incredible surprises – such as the “no one saw it coming” introduction of the Ford GT. But even as the Cobo Center was packed full of great new vehicles and technologies set to pave the way for the next decades, it doesn’t mean there were no misses and junks. So, we compiled a very small list of hits and failures, which have no particular order and are utterly subjective, so feel free to post your opinion in the comments section.

The positive section begins with two star attractions – Acura’s NSX and Ford’s GT supercars. We’re not going to comment any more on these two because ink has flown like the Niagara falls on the subject. Honorable mentions in the sports car category do get Ford’s Shelby Mustang – even if it’s focused on track aficionados – and another Ford product – the 2017 Raptor version for the F-150 pickup truck. Another hit are the slew of crossovers set to appear during the year: Honda HR-V, Jeep Renegade, Lincoln MKX and the rest – we see a brighter than ever future for the segment that would lift sales this year again against the backdrop of an already strong 2014. The last hit worth mentioning is the Chevy Bolt electric concept – it was high time the No. 1 US automaker stepped up its alternative power game.

Here comes the failures list, which fortunately is not very populated. The first is Buick’s new Cascada, which is nothing else than a poorly redesigned version of the Opel convertible bearing the same name. Advanced features or not, the Cascada looks ready to replace the Chrysler 200 convertible that no one remembers. Next up is the Hyundai Santa Cruz, a concept that might foray the decision of South Korean automakers to entered the cult pickup truck segment in the US. The verdict is simple, no-no. Volkswagen GTE Cross Coupe concept comes next, simply and most of all because the German brand has been teasing the American public with its visions of a popular family SUV for years and the production model is still two years away.