NASA could become an automotive powerhouse – if we reach other planets image

The Rümker space exploration truck seems to be a cool interpretation of a possible NASA product, though we’re still being hit by numerous variables here, such as resolving the interplanetary travel first.

But according to Frederic Le Sciellour, a Transportation Designer at Jaguar, once there, NASA should use this out-of-this-world exploration vehicle nicknamed “The Rümker.” NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover is still on the Red Planet, gathering samples and exploring – but the next level could be this model. Created for the “exploration of a planet”, the Rümker would have all the necessary equipment. There are four sets of advanced tracks at each corner, with the rear powered by two dual propulsion components on either side, and the front powered by two singular propulsion units.

NASA could become an automotive powerhouse – if we reach other planets 3

The rectangular-shaped cabin is directed downwards for enhanced visibility and the interior welcomes scientists and astronauts with comfortable living amenities – and because you may never know what happens out there, there’s also a standard laser gun. The Rümker is actually just one part of the designer’s vision which includes an exploration base on the moon, and advanced propulsion methods. He does agree that some artistic licenses have been taken and that his concept is not entirely realistic – so we might see it used by the fictional NASA in a science fiction movie rather than the real counterparts.

Via Frederic Le Sciellour