Looks like NASA is in the process of updating its Curiosity Rover software to be better equipped to carry out its mission on the Red Planet.

The older software gave Curiosity basic navigational capabilities, but not enough for the rover to carry out its task: finding out whether the Red Planet has ever been habitable.
The software upgrade, dubbed R10…is waiting to be activated [and] will take four days to update.

JPL…programmers and engineers have long been working on the software, as well as the upgrade process. … [R10] holds advanced controls to drive Curiosity, as well as to operate [the] robotic arm…and its ability to spot hazards in its path, Nasa said.

Curiosity carries 10 science instruments with a total mass 15 times as large as the science payloads on NASA’s Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity.

This advanced spacecraft required a whole-new landing system, which made use of a hovering sky crane to lower the probe to the ground. The probe landed in Gale crater, within which some of Mars’ oldest rock layers are exposed.


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