National brokerage service to be launched by Saab Parts UK image

Saab Parts UK will launch a new national broker service for pricing and placement of used Saabs starting August 1, 2012.

The company hopes to provide a consistent supply of pre-owned Saabs following the carmaker’s 2011 bankruptcy.

The facility for Saab trade enquiries will be managed by a Saab used car expert based in Cranfield, where Saab Parts UK is located. The company has been inspired to venture into vehicle brokerage by the relatively high number of Saabs currently on British roads: 188,000. The company is looking to capitalize on its instant access to known Saab buyers and specialists in the UK, which makes it able to match vehicles to the right place for re-sale.

UK Saab Broker will charge a sale commission of £100 to both the seller and buyer for its role in securing a bid within 24 hours. “This new service we are offering will remove any uncertainty that may remain in the Saab used car market, as we will provide a true market valuation to the Saab seller and find them an interested buyer from our national network of 88 service centres”, said Corin Richards, managing director of Saab Parts UK.