National Electric Vehicle Sweden Close to Buy Saab image

National Electric Vehicle Sweden is currently the lead bidder to buy bankrupt Saab.

The company, which is new on the market, is only known by its name “National Electric Vehicle Sweden”, a name approved on Monday, May 21st, by Sweden’s company registration office. It is said the company is backed up by a Japanese-Chinese consortium, which has 245 out of its 500 shares owned by Sun Investment Company, and the rest of 255 are owned by Mikael Kubu, the President of Ac-Gruppen, a law firm from Gothenburg.

“We have a very anonymous investment company that owns shares in this registered company, Sun Investment, but we still don’t know who’s behind it,” said Valdemar Lonnroth, a journalist at TTELA newspaper. “We don’t know if it’s a Chinese or a Japanese company behind this conglomerate.”

Hans Bergqvist, Saab’s liquidator, refused to comment the reports saying that it is an intense period and that he doesn’t want to comment on the sale process. Previously, the Chinese car company Youngman, tried to buy Saab with talks with Viktor Muller, director of the Spyker Cars, but dropped out the process.