Naza Automotive Manufacturing, the manufacturing branch of the Naza Group, has invested RM 30 million ($9.7 million) at its Gurun plant in Kedah, Malaysia, for e new robotic line.

This new assembly line is the first at this facility and it features automated robots to ensure the quality consistency for the T73, a new C-segment Peugeot to be launched for the Malaysian market in the following months.

SM Nasarudin SM Nasimuddin, Joint Group Executive Chairman of the Naza Group said that quality consistency was needed for high production volume models such as the T73, setting a target of 60,000 units at NAM in about five years.

“Of the total volume produced, some 60 per cent is targeted to be exported to right-hand drive countries in Asean as well as markets outside the region,” he said in a statement.

The RM30 million investment is part of the RM 714 million one which began in 2010 until 2015, which aims at expanding and upgrading the plants, introducing new models, and also for research and development.

NAM, which has now 1,000 employees, began its activity in 2004 with a RM500 million facility and includes an assembly plant, two-storey office, test track, lots for vendors and suppliers and staff accommodation on a 140-acre parcel of land.


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