US-based ride-hailing service provider Uber Technologies found its Amsterdam offices recently raided by a Dutch regulatory agency over its UberPOP division that was declared outside the law back in December by a court ruling.

Valued at around $40 billion, startup technology company Uber technologies has become famous for allowing its users to call taxi-like rides from their smartphones and infamous for disrupting the traditional taxi and limousine services. The UberPOP unit has private drivers connected to passengers. Last December, a Dutch court was the latest one in Europe to declare the UberPOP service – claiming it skimped on licensing laws that regulated such commercial drivers. Uber was ordered to cease the UberPOP service or risk penalties of 100,000 euros ($110,000). According to a Transport Inspectorate spokesperson, after signs that the US company failed to comply with the court order, the agency raided the offices to secure evidence from company computers “to determine the scope” of Uber’s wrongdoings.

The company said it was cooperating with the investigation and added their belief was that Dutch authorities in the end will allow the company to operate because their technology will drag down transportation expenses and add new jobs. Uber’s taxi-calling services have grown exponentially since their inception back in 2010 in the US, now seen having a global span. But the company has been berated for its tendency to first establish its business in a new town and then seek policymaker approval – and as a result it has been hit with bans in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.

Via Reuters


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