Lots of different companies – from Uber to Airbus to Toyota – are looking to resolve traffic congestion via flaying cars, and the latest interesting project comes from Neva Aerospace.

The company’s AirQuadOne is an aircraft that has the pilot seated just like in an ATV, and it’s not a mysterious virtual you’ll never see effort – it will be publicly showcased at the Paris Air Show from June 19 to 25. The AirQuadOne uses an array of Neva’s proprietary static thrust electric turbofans. It has 331 pounds (150 kilograms) of batteries on board, and the aircraft can fly at up to 50 miles per hour (80 kilometers per hour). Vertical takeoff and landing are also included in the scenario, but the batteries need work on the range because they are limited to around 30 minutes of airborne time.

Neva Aerospace AirQuadOne is a flying ATV 0

Neva’s idea with the AirQuadOne is to help people in various cases – it could be used as a a recreational vehicle, for search & rescue, patrols, defense, and as an air taxi. There’s even a commercial version as a drone that would take up to 221 pounds (100 kg) of cargo. Neva is currently working on flight certification for the AirQuadOne from the FAA in the United States and EASA in Europe.


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