NEVS Close to Restart Saab Production, Plans to Hire 27 Workers at Trollhattan Plant, Sweden image

NEVS plans to hire 27 assembly line workers at the Trollhattan plant, Sweden, before the targeted Saab restart expected this autumn.

In January, Autocar, reported that NEVS has changed its original plan and that it wants to build Saab cars in China and not at the Trollhattan factory, Sweden. NEVS has signed a deal with a Chinese investment company to build cars in Qingdao, with the city’s government buying a 22% share in the company. NEVS owns the rights to build the last Saab 9-3, along with an electric ePower version that never made production. The company also owns the right to use the Saab name, but not the Griffin logo.

Spyker, the ex-owner of Saab, which bought the automaker from General Motors in 2010, claims it has lost $3 billion as GM blocked the sale of Saab to a Chinese company in 2011. Spyker said it will appeal the decision taken by the US judge to dismiss the $3-billion lawsuit against GM. In May 2011 Saab stopped production as it was in the impossibility of paying its suppliers and workers and in December 2011 it filed for bankruptcy, less than two years after GM sold it to Spyker.


  • MadMan

    Spyker, the PREVIOUS owner of Saab….
    NEVS is the current owner.