New Audi A2 Concept image

After a long series of rumors, Audi is unveiling first official scratches with the upcoming A2.

With the electric-only powertrain of the A2 concept, Audi is offering another peek into the future of electric mobility at the 64th International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt.

The original model was a small MPV built from 1999 to 2005 that was way ahead of its time in several ways, but what made it truly unique was that it was manufactured entirely out of aluminum.

But while the first-generation A2, launched in 1999, boasted a rounded, Bauhaus-inspired exterior design, the new A2 — tentatively set to go on sale in 2013 — gets a more technical appearance in keeping with other recent new Audi models.

Audi says that the A2 offers “plenty of room for four people” (it’s 3.95 meters long, 1.74 meters wide and 1.42 meters tall) and that it features flat interior floorboard. There are four individual seats, with the center console attached to the driver’s seat and the rear console extending forward between the two rear seats.

With its headlights, Audi is presenting the next phase in LED technology, known as matrix beam. A package of LEDs and microreflectors generate a high-resolution and non-glaring high-beam light. Delicate daytime running light fibers frame the highly efficient LED low-beam light module. Intelligent tail lights adapt their illumination to the visibility conditions. The rear fog light, produced by laser diodes, is seen as a beam of light in fog and projects a red triangle onto the road as a warning.

The colors and materials in the interior support the impression of lightness and functionality. The large areas from the door top shoulders to the floor bear a new and innovative covering material made of polyurethane with a neoprene surface feel; a ribbed material made from recycled polyester covers the central floor area.