New car fuel discovered – orange peels image

After we presented to you a few months ago the “revolutionary” new alligator fat that can be converted into car fuel, the British scientist have “discovered” yet another “thing” that can power your vehicles in the nearby future.

According to the Daily Express, the peel of the orange could be just what everyone is looking for, an alternative fuel to the expensive and rarer petrol, giving the cars an extra bonus: fresh hint of citric smell coming out of the exhaust pipes.

“Waste orange peel is an excellent example of a wasted resource. In Brazil, the world’s largest producer of orange juice, half the orange fruit is left as waste once the juice has been converted. This corresponds to eight million tons a year of orange peel that can be used to produce chemicals, materials and fuels”, said Professor James Clark.

The Professor says that high-powered microwaves can break down the molecules in the peel and release a gas that can be collected and distilled into a liquid product which will eventually end up in your tanks so the orange pie might be replaced soon with orange fuel.