New car sales in Australia slip this August image

Sales of new vehicles in Australia fell in August compared to July, but are still on track to surpass 1.1 million units for the year as a whole.

According to the Australian Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, the new car sales went down 0.5%, from 89,867 in July to 88,157 in August. Last year in the same month the sales were down 5.5%, but it is to be taken into account that 2014 had one less selling day in the last month of summer. In the year to date, sales are behind 2.5% compared to the same period in 2013, but are still at a solid pace of 1.106 million vehicles for the annualized rate.

The demand for sports utility vehicles is now at a steady pace after a high run, with sales only 0.1% up in August on a year earlier. However, the passenger vehicle sales remain weak, with a record drop of 11.2%. Sales of light vehicles grew 0.5%, while heavy vehicles have done better, with a gain of 0.5%.

Toyota Motor Corp takes the crown for sales in August, with a market share of 17.7%, being at the top of the auto ladder. The second place was a tie between General Motors Co and Hyundai Motor Co, both with a percent of 9.8. The third spot went to Mazda Motor Corp that had a 8.5% and Ford Motor Co gets the fourth position in the top auto sellers in August, taking 7.8%.

By Gabriela Florea