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The estimated average transaction price for new light vehicles in the United States rose nearly 2 percent in April, according to a report from Kelley Blue Book.

New-car prices in the US continued to rise year-over-year and, following a 2 percent increase in March, the estimated average transaction price also grew with the same rate in April to reach 33,865 dollars. This represents a 620 dollars jump over a year back, by only 74 dollars more from the previous month, Kelley Blue Book showed in its monthly report. “Even though gas prices rose slightly in April, truck segments saw the largest year-over-year increases, with mid-size trucks climbing nearly 7 percent on average (31,573 dollars),” Tim Fleming, an analyst at Kelley Blue Book, commented. “This segment is on the rise, as consumers who don’t need a full-size truck are finding they can still get many amenities and plenty of utility from the new mid-size trucks now available.” Full-size pickups were also profitable, with prices going up by 4 percent to 46,584 dollars, while compact SUVs and crossovers saw a 2 percent rise to 27,706 dollars.

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As for the automakers, it is no wonder that Fiat-Chrysler’s profits keep going up, as the Italian-American automaker had the largest increase in transaction prices at 4.8 percent year-over-year, with an average of 35,032 dollars. According to Kelley Blue Book, General Motors also had a hefty jump of 4.6 percent, or 38,768 dollars, while Toyota managed to boost its year-over-year prices by 3.7 percent, to 31,247 dollars.

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