New engine family for Volvo image

Volvo is preparing a revolution under its models hoods, as a new engine family will set its mark across the Swedish manufacturer’s entire line-up.

Well known for its safety records, Volvo is set to uphold its high standards across the entire range of its technology prowess, as from this autumn it will roll out its exclusively new 2.0-litre, four-cylinder DRIVE-E diesel and petrol engines initially in the S60, V60 and XC60.

These new powerplants will go on to replace eight existing engine families across all model lines and spell the end four five-, six- and eight-cylinder Volvos. The engines will be offered with different levels of turbocharging and, in some instances, mated to front or rear-mounted hybrid systems for front- or all-wheel drive to power anything from a super-frugal economy model to cars with performance comparable with a V8.

Each will be mated to a new eight-speed automatic or “enhanced” six-speed manual gearbox, with the diesel units featuring the all-new i-Art injection technology. With this system, each injector in the common rail is fitted with a small computer that ensures the optimum amount of fuel is injected into each cylinder at a pressure of up to 2500 bar, rather than each injector providing a constant, single pressure. Of course, this will bring a further improvement in fuel economy, performance and sound. The range of diesel power will span between 118 hp and 227 hp – first on offering being the D4 with 179 hp.

On the other hand, the petrol range will span across a wider power range – 138 to plus 300 hp, and the first to be offered will be the 230 hp T5 and 302 hp T6. Also, higher performance petrol versions feature a supercharger as well as a turbocharger to provide more low-end torque for a more linear torque curve and normally aspirated feel.
Via Autocar