With the winds of change hauling at Fiorano, even the traditional seasonal launch has a different feeling, now that former chairman Luca di Montezemolo is no longer in charge.

Instead, the new Ferrari chairman, also the CEO of parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, changed the atmosphere from the impeccably dressed 67-year-old to his trademarked wool sweater. But there’s one thing that didn’t change – both the executive that recalled of Medici princes of old and his successor, the XXI-century Group “imperator” have no problem saying what upsets them when it comes to Formula One. Even as the most successful motorsport team had a dismal season, with double world champion Fernando Alonso now gone and also the team losing a host of others.

While Montezemolo usually took the time to invoke the spirit of Ferrari, traditionally speaking passionately about the magic of Maranello, Marchionne is a different menu altogether – with matters and facts. He immediately declared any question or matter not pertaining to Formula One, such as the auto industry, flotations and the finance world, to be off limits. Except for the fact that in a rhetorical manner he called this year’s rules to have been written by people that would not pass the sobriety test, he avoided hyperboles entirely. He called this season to be hastily forgotten, looking forward to the next one – hard as it may be – and focusing on putting the right people in place to secure future successes.

Via Reuters


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