New ESP System on the R Models image

Vw will equip its new Golf R and Scirroco R with a new ESP system that allows the driver to fully disable the electronic aids.

In this way, the automaker respond to a series of critics from media and customers that said the models were not adjustable or sporting enough, were too sensible compared with rivals and did not allow the driver full control of the vehicle.

The new ESP will be installed in 2012 models – GOlf R, GTI and Scrirroco R.

This new ESP will be a “two-phase” system. Pressing the Esp button once will deactivate the traction control. But, if the driver keeps the button presed for more than 3 seconds the system will be deactivated completely.

However, the system will become active again is the driver behind the wheel pressed the brake pedal during a dangerous situation. If the brake pedal is not depressed, the system will keep its “off” state.